Chris Ware bringt demnächst einen neuen Comic raus: The Acme Novelty Library Final Report to Shareholders and Rainy Day Saturday Afternoon Fun Book scheint genauso anstrengend (und genauso lohnend) zu lesen zu sein wie sein Vor-Vorgänger Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth (kleiner Ausschnitt hier, runterscrollen bis zum 21. Juli). Salon hat eine schöne Buchbesprechung:

It’s staggering – the sort of work that would singlehandedly establish another artist’s career – and Ware’s only started showing off. The centerpiece of The Acme Novelty Library is a long, wordless story about the pudgy, masked, omnipotent character that Ware sometimes calls “God” or “Superman” in his comics. (He’s not named here, and the story isn’t mentioned in the otherwise detailed table of contents.) It occupies 12 pages in the middle of the book, and fragments of other pages. Near the story’s end, the character is in a prison cell, scraping little drawings onto the cinder blocks with a nail. Then Ware pulls back, so we can see hundreds of stick figures on the wall. If you’re willing to stare at the panel hard and long enough to risk eye damage, you’ll see that he’s drawn a microscopic stick-figure version of the entire story up to that point. We are not worthy.