“Where have all the sphinxes gone?”

Die NYT über moderne Stars, die sich selbst jener geheimnisvollen Aura berauben, die zum Beispiel Greta Garbo unsterblich gemacht hat:

“The world, you see, no longer has any tolerance for – let alone fascination with – people who aren’t willing to publicize themselves. Figures swathed in shadows are démodé in a culture in which the watchword is transparency.

Increasingly, the perception is that everyone is knowable, everyone is accessible and that everyone is potentially a star. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, blogs, personal Web sites with open-door chat rooms, the endlessly proliferating television reality shows are now commonplace forums for the famous who want to seem like ordinary people and for ordinary people who want to seem famous. Us magazine’s rubric “Stars, they’re just like us!” has now been inverted to “Us, we’re just like stars.””