Ron Rosenbaum von Slate findet einen Artikel über Ms Jolie im Esquire ziemlich doof:

„Consider his opening paragraph. Facing a full-page, full-length “classy” cheesecake picture of an unclothed Angelina with a wispy silvery sheet clutched between her thighs, we find this piece of … prose:

„This is a 9/11 story. Granted it’s also a celebrity profile””well, a profile of Angelina Jolie””and so calling it a 9/11 story may sound like a stretch. But that’s the point. It’s a 9/11 story because it’s a celebrity profile””because celebrities and their perceived power are a big part of the strange story of how America responded to the attacks upon it. And no celebrity plays a bigger role in that strange story than Angelina Jolie.“

So, it’s a 9/11 story. That’s heavy, dude. And it’s a 9/11 story because, um, because, well, celebrities””which were a totally unknown phenomenon before 9/11, as everyone knows””are a 9/11 phenomenon, and Angelia Jolie is a celebrity. A stunning concatenation of insights!

Sure, it uses the death of thousands on 9/11 as a rationale for running a picture of a half-naked Angelina Jolie. But look, if we can’t exploit 9/11 when we need to add a little gravitas to that silver sheet between Angelina’s thighs, the terrorists win, right?“