Salons Techblogger Farhad Manjoo erklärt, warum sich jeder für das iPhone interessieren sollte, das morgen in den USA auf den Markt kommt, auch wenn er oder sie sich keins kaufen will: Why the iPhone matters.

„And this gets to why you should care about the iPhone even if you aren’t buying one. Today everyone uses a Mac. Even if you’ve got a Windows PC at your desk, you’re really sitting down to a computer based on an idea first offered to the public by Steve Jobs in 1984. The mouse, the menus, the windows — they were all on Mac first, and they spread to those of us who didn’t buy directly into Jobs’ regime only because Apple’s competitors saw the Mac’s features as vital to their own success. Go out to any consumer electronics store now and you’ll see the same dynamic playing out for music devices: Everything on the market looks and feels like the iPod and offers much the same features.

It could happen for phones, too. You may not buy an Apple, but it’s possible your next cellphone will claim to be a fantastic “Internet communicator” and will offer a great way to surf the Web. If that happens, thank Apple.“