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The Best Of The Internet’s Reaction To The Botched “Ecce Homo” Painting

Die Nummer 18!

Restaurier deinen eigenen Ecce Homo.

– Struppig über „Ach, dann trennen wir uns halt und suchen uns was Neues“:

„And then, after we’ve tried to move on one or two or three times, we’re so much older, and we realise we really don’t have an infinite number of shots. We like to think we’ll just move on and try again, applying what we learned, but we cannot even try again once. We try, and then we try a second time, but we’re trying something else already. It’s not destiny any more, we made a choice, right? And it’s all different and difficult all over again. But there’s places we can’t go and word’s we can’t say and music we can’t play any more. Memory and love, cruelly, but true to who we once were, won’t let us. It gets really difficult the third time, and more difficult the fourth time, and very hard the fifth, I guess. Because we never move on. We just try to find a spot from where the ruins that are our hearts still look intact.“

Wie schwierig es ist, in der Provinz Kultursponsoren zu finden, selbst wenn jemand Klangvolles wie Nike Wagner sie sucht. In diesem Fall für das Kunstfest Weimar:

„Während Sportsponsoring immer geht, weil es Marken Sichtbarkeit verschafft wie Förderung in keinem anderen Bereich, wird es in Zeiten der Wirtschaftskrise offenbar auch innerhalb der Firmen schwieriger, Kulturpartnerschaften zu rechtfertigen.

An sich selbst bemerkt Nike Wagner, dass man als Veranstalter fast unwillkürlich beginne, Programmpunkte auf Förderrichtlinien von Unternehmen und Stiftungen hin zu schneidern, um eine aussichtsreiche Bewerbung einzureichen. Auch wenn die meisten Richtlinien völlig in Ordnung seien, müsse man das kritisch beobachten.“

– Ich bin ja immer froh, im Flugzeug ein gutes, altes Papierbuch dabei zu haben: Why do I have to switch off my Kindle for takeoff and landing?

„Because of the way e-ink devices work, they draw no power when displaying either the words on the page or the wallpaper, and so should pose no more of a threat to an aircraft than the hardback the person in the next seat is reading.

But as more of us are flying with more and more electronic gadgets – what the airlines call Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) – how high is the risk of them interfering with the aircraft’s avionics systems? The answer is a complicated one.“

– Ein hervorragender Text über Triggerwarnungen.

„Many feminist communities use trigger warnings, particularly when discussing rape, sexual abuse, and violence. By using these warnings, these communities are saying, “This is a safe space. We will protect you from unexpected reminders of your history.” Members of these communities are given the illusion they can be protected.

There are a great many potential trigger warnings. Over the years, I have seen trigger warnings for eating disorders, poverty, self-injury, bullying, heteronormativity, suicide, sizeism, genocide, slavery, mental illness, explicit fiction, explicit discussions of sexuality, homosexuality, homophobia, addiction, alcoholism, racism, the Holocaust, ableism, and Dan Savage.

Life, apparently, requires a trigger warning.

This is the uncomfortable truth—everything is a trigger for someone. There are things you cannot tell just by looking at her or him.“