Ein kleiner Nachtrag zu Kleidung:

Der Guardian drückt sehr schön aus, warum mir persönlich die Fatshionista-Galerie geholfen hat:

“”Clicking through these photos, you get a sense of just how easy it might actually be to change our visual culture. Dodai Stewart, deputy editor of popular women’s website Jezebel, has written of her first encounter with Fatshionista that “while scrolling through the images, it was startling, at first, to see picture after picture of ‘fat’, plus-size, or heavy women. Not because of their bodies, or their clothes – they look fantastic – but because I just wasn’t used to it”.

I ask feminist and psychoanalyst Susie Orbach, author of Bodies, whether she thinks these sites could shift our cultural outlook, expand our notions of beauty. “There’s no doubt that they could,” she says, before explaining the way we respond to images. “How do we get from a trend for straight-legged jeans to wide jeans? At first we find the new image foreign and horrible, and then it becomes very present, and we start to feel there’s something wrong with us because we don’t conform to it, and we want to catch up. It’s the same with body image”. Because we constantly see photographs of very thin women, many of them Photoshopped, we spend our lives trying to fit that impossible ideal – a relentless, often futile quest. “If we were seeing images, not just of fat women, but of all sizes, we wouldn’t be continually having to catch up in terms of our own body size,” says Orbach, “so we wouldn’t be wanting to change it. We might feel that we were represented, and then we could focus on other aspects of our lives”.”