Du kannst geh’n, aber deine Kopfhaut bleibt hier

Jetzt schnell noch lesen, bevor der Artikel im Spiegel Online-Archiv vergammelt: Oliver Hopwood, Student aus Warwick, hat für einen Schreibwettbewerb über Deutschland über den Berliner Friseur „Kopfgeldjäger“ geschrieben. Und das äußerst liebevoll:

Kopfgeldjäger for me epitomised my experiences of Berlin especially Prenzlauer Berg: a trendy but not exclusive hub of a proudly burgeoning East Berlin, playing with new fashions and styles and making them its own. Very original and quirky, in a way that having no wallpaper, peeling plaster, rickety fittings and creaky floorboards somehow comes across as very trendy. But this trendiness was not in the least bit intimidating: I’m always a little frightened by Toni & Guy here in the UK, and feel obliged to cower with humility whenever I walk past this temple of capitalist cool. In Kopfgeldjäger, though, I wasn’t ashamed to be looking like a scruffy, tired, footsore tourist, on the contrary I couldn’t stop grinning as soon as I walked in. I had that mildly absurd feeling as I sat patiently waiting to have my hair washed that I really had made it. Upon walking out of this place I would be instantly cool, hip, my hair the envy of all around me. For the first time ever I was excited about having my hair cut, so much so that I had to take pictures and videos. Admittedly, the other customers did find me a little odd. Cool à la Kopfgeldjäger wasn’t sickeningly expensive either – at 12 euros, it was an absolute Schnäppchen, so I treated myself to a Danish hotdog afterwards.

That said, for all its originality and quirkiness, despite its experimental decor and innovative styles, Kopfgeldjäger was unmistakably German in the more traditional sense. Yes, there was a faultless queuing system. On entry in the salon, the customer collects a ticket, upon which is clearly imprinted his/her queue number. An appropriately positioned LCD screen displays the customer queue number currently being dealt with. When I was there, the salon was packed full. But all was running so very smoothly. Talk about German efficiency.

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  1. Die Headline hab ich ja seit Jahren nicht gelesen, die hätte aber auch gut auf so’ner Countdownseite ausgesehen.

  2. frau elle war auch mal dort, da hiess er noch headhunter. und meine drei letzten frisuren wurden dort auch hergestellt. sehr empfehlenswert, der laden.

  3. Ich dachte im ersten Moment an Cannibalen schon wieder, nachdem ja vorgestern erst wieder was in diese Richtung bekannt wurde.