Movie Recommendation

Ich mag Mainstream-Filme und auch ab und zu einen mindless action flick. Dieses Quiz meint aber, es sei nicht so. Dann will ich das mal glauben.

(via Peter Noster)

Eine Antwort:

  1. Da bin ich aber froh :)

    You scored as Artistic.
    Congratulations, you scored Artistic. You’re looking for the unique movie in the bunch. You’ve probably watched a lot of movies that nobody has ever heard of, and good for you. You also know good filmmaking when you see it. You just get it, no questions asked. Check out: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Amelie, Garden State, Lost in Translation.

    Artistic 85%
    Sadistic Humour 80%
    Mindfuck 70%
    Sci-Fi/Fantasy 65%
    Mindless Action Flick 55%
    Drama/Suspense 55%
    Romantic Comedy 40%