In color

In Hypno-Vision

Presented in BC (Brain Control) where available

Featuring gratuitous alien nudity

Loading …

Presented in Double Vision (where drunk)

Mr. Bender’s wardrobe by Robotany 5000

Filmed on location

Transmitido en Martian en SAP

Proudly made on Earth

Live from Omicron Persei 8

Made from meat by-products

Now Y3K compliant

From the makers of Futurama

Based on a true story

From the network that brought you The Simpsons

The show that watches back

Not based on the novel by James Fenimore Cooper

Nominated for three Glemmys

This episode has been modified to fit your primitive screen

Coming soon to an illegal DVD

As foretold by Nostradamus

A stern warning of things to come

Simulcast on crazy people’s fillings

Larva-tested, pupa-approved

For external use only

Painstakingly drawn before a live audience

Touch eyeballs to screen for cheap laser surgery

Smell-O-Vision users insert nostril tubes now

Not a substitute for human interaction

Secreted by the comedy bee

If not entertaining, write your congressman

This episode entirely performed by sock puppets

Broadcast simultaneously one year in the future

Now with Chucklelin

Torn from tomorrow’s headlines

80% entertainment by volume

Deciphered from crop circles

Please rise for the Futurama theme song

Krafted with luv (by monsters)

Bender’s humor by Microsoft Joke

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to actual robots would be really cool

Federal law prohibits changing the channel

For proper viewing, take red pill now

No humans were probed in the making of this episode

Scratch here to reveal prize

Psst … big party at your house after the show

Hey, TiVo! Suggest THIS!

Fun for the whole family (except Grandma and Grandpa)

Please turn off all cell phones and tricorders

Love it or shove it

If accidentally watched, induce vomiting

Bigfoot’s choice

It’s like Hee Haw with lasers

When you see the robot, drink!

Soon to be a major religion

… or ist it?

Controlling you through a chip in your butt since 1999

Not affiliated with Futurama Brass Knuckles Co.

Known to cause insanity in laboratory mice

Now interactive! Joystick controls Fry’s left ear

Dancing space potatoes? You bet!

Where no fan has gone before

A by-product of the TV industry

Too hot for radio

You can’t prove it won’t happen

Beats a hard kick in the face

Voted „Best“

Prepare for the stereophonic experience

See you on some other channel

Damit wäre die Futurama Complete Collection completely watched. Ich sage der Serie leise Auf Wiedersehen und erinnere mich nicht nur an wundervolle Taglines, sondern auch an ebenso wundervolle Episodentitel. Mein All-time favorite: The Day the Earth Stood Stupid. Runner up: Why must I be a Crustacean in Love. Der ewige Klassiker: The Trouble with Popplers.

Bye, Fry. Nice meeting you.

8 Antworten:

  1. Ich habe mich lange gefragt wer sich die Mühe machen würde, die ganzen Taglines aufzuschreiben!

  2. Nicely done, Anke. I always wanted to know the complete taglines in english… nochmal mein persönliches Danke an ProSieben (und alle anderen) für die endlos langweilige Deutschanisierung! ;)

  3. Futurama
    Eine komplette Übersicht über die Taglines findet sich bei Frau Gröner.
    Da fällt mir ein, dass mir immer nur noch die 4. Staffel fehlt.

  4. imminent danger of interal hemmorrhage due to reading extremely funny taglines (while at work and having to suppress laughing out loud).
    weird though: some things are so funny they are almost more beautiful than funny.

  5. Mein All-Time-Favorite ist trotzdem “Hell is other robots” aus der ersten Staffel, allein schon wegen den Beastie Boys: “Yo Bender gotta make some noise, with your harddrive scratched by the Beastie Boys!” Die ganze Gesangsnummer in der Roboterhölle ist einfach nur genial.

  6. Chapeau!!!

  7. Wirklich Schade dass Futurama abgesetzt wurde. Meine Lieblingserie (gleichauf mit Family Guy. Damn, auch abgesetzt)

  8. Dann hier eine gute Nachricht: Family geht ab Mai in eine neue Season! Auch ich freu mich…