“IMDb me”

Die Internet Movie Database ist laut Guardian nicht mehr nur eine üppig gefüllte Datenbank, sondern inzwischen auch eine Art von Online-Dating-Service. Zumindest in Los Angeles, wo so ziemlich jeder zweite Einwohner von der IMDb erfasst wird: Out of site.

“It is the premier dating vessel for Hollywood,” said Bree Turner, an attractive actress who stars in the Oxygen Network series Good Girls Don’t… and has had roles in the films Sorority Boys and American Pie 2. “You can find out if the schmo is lying when he said he just wrapped Soderbergh’s next feature or was the indie darling at Sundance. And you can see if he was an ex-porn-star because IMDb will put everything you have ever done on celluloid up.”


Meanwhile, IMDb’s reach and influence are pervasive – indeed, invasive. It is relentless. If you once had a stand-in role on a public access cable show in Uruguay, you’re probably in the IMDb archives. The site lists approximately 1.6 million actors and crew-members, and, in nine years, has gone from hobbyist’s toy to major business force, a staple in the workday of every casting and talent agent, producer and studio executive across town. Founded in the UK in 1995 and owned by Amazon, it claims 18 million visitors per month and is tended to by 100,000 hardcore users – a netherworld of Tivo-enraptured, Netflix-hooked individuals with far too much time on their hands.