Links vom 3. November 2013

Kunstkataloge online

Open Culture weist auf zwei Museen hin, die einen Berg von Katalogen online und umsonst zum Lesen (sowie teilweise zum Download) anbieten. Das passt zu meiner derzeitigen Vorlesung „Amerikanische Kunst nach 1945“ hervorragend.

Hier geht’s zum Guggenheim-Museum, bei dem man 65 Kataloge online lesen kann. Bei findet man die Schätze auch zum Runterladen.

Und im Metropolitan warten ganze 394 Kataloge auf euch.

Vielen Dank an Schneefreundin, die mich per Twitter auf diese Schätze aufmerksam gemacht hat.

Jackson Pollock by Hans Namuth

Wo ich gerade die VL „Amerikanische Kunst“ anspreche – diesen kleinen Film haben wir dort gesehen.

Mehr zu Namuth und Pollock: The Photos That Changed Pollock’s Life aus der NYT.

„’A dripping wet canvas covered the entire floor,’ Namuth recalled in ‘Pollock Painting’ (1980), a book of his photographs. ‘Blinding shafts of sunlight hit the wet canvas, making its surface hard to see. There was complete silence.’ Namuth went on: ‘Pollock looked at the painting. Then unexpectedly, he picked up can and paintbrush and started to move around the canvas. It was as if he suddenly realized the painting was not finished. His movements, slow at first, gradually became faster and more dancelike as he flung black, white and rust-colored paint onto the canvas.’“

The Economist: Nachruf auf Lou Reed

„At Syracuse University (briefly subdued by electric-shock treatment ordered by his parents) he had studied English; after that he went to Pickwick Records to write hit songs to order, which he found he couldn’t do. He approached his lyrics like a novelist, he said, or as Tennessee Williams might have done. Shakespearean echoes were everywhere (though “You can’t be Shakespeare and you can’t be Joyce/So what is left instead/You’re stuck with yourself,” he had concluded).“

Mein liebstes Bild der letzten Tage – Königsplatz my love.