Der beste Kommentar zur glatzköpfigen Britney kommt natürlich von Go Fug Yourself. Kleiner Ausschnitt aus dem neuesten Brief von Brit Brit an uns alle:

„I look like an alien, y’all! An alien from planet SPEARS. Or maybe like a….no, like an alien. A sexy, sexy alien. And everyone can just SHUT UP about how I’m supposed to be on drugs and how I was only in rehab for ten minutes — I WAS JUST DROPPING OFF A PACKAGE TO THOSE REHAB PLACES, because I am, um….I’m totally working for REHAB MEALS ON WHEELS. It’s a CHARITY! — and how I’m totally losing my custody battle (whatever that even is) and blah blah blah blah. Aren’t you happy that I’m not all showing you if the rugs match the curtains anymore? (PS: NOW THEY DO. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.)“