“Do you suffer from decision fatigue?”

Ich zitiere Herrn Svensson, in dessen G+-Stream ich den Artikel aus dem NYT Magazine gefunden habe: „Ein großartiger Artikel darüber, was Willenskraft und Entscheidungsmüdigkeit mit Glucose zu tun hat und mit Diäten, Begnadigungsanhörungen und Süßigkeiten an der Supermarktkasse.“

„The brain, like the rest of the body, derived energy from glucose, the simple sugar manufactured from all kinds of foods. To establish cause and effect, researchers at Baumeister’s lab tried refueling the brain in a series of experiments involving lemonade mixed either with sugar or with a diet sweetener. The sugary lemonade provided a burst of glucose, the effects of which could be observed right away in the lab; the sugarless variety tasted quite similar without providing the same burst of glucose. Again and again, the sugar restored willpower, but the artificial sweetener had no effect. The glucose would at least mitigate the ego depletion and sometimes completely reverse it. The restored willpower improved people’s self-control as well as the quality of their decisions: they resisted irrational bias when making choices, and when asked to make financial decisions, they were more likely to choose the better long-term strategy instead of going for a quick payoff.“