famous last words

Thema: Re: BACK!!!!!
Datum: 30.11.99 01:46:11 (MEZ)
Von: Shay D KD
An: GroenerA


I loved hearing from you! I am so proud of you! You should be my inspiration to go in pursuit of my dream. One problem, I am not sure what that is. The wedding sounded very nice, do you have a tape of you singing? I can’t wait to crowd into your little apartment when I visit. I liked Hamburg a lot, but didn’t see much of it. The Venice of the North! I would like to see several concerts there and bootleg them and then have TA offer them online for sale. That way I could recoup my travel costs. He made over $1300 off his Elvis bootleg! I wanted to call over the Thanksgiving holiday, but didn’t know how to contact you. Expect a call this weekend. I am glad you had help moving, if I could have I would have. Are your parents happy or sad? Tell them I said Hi!



Karl Dewaine Glass, 10.01.1962 – 02.12.1999

Happy birthday, love. You still owe me that call.