I, God Uphere

The land, it here,
The sea, it over there,
The sky, it way upthere,
And Man, he claims he everywhere.

But I, God uphere, know better
I know the land, it will be here,
    the sea, it will be there,
    the sky, it will be upthere,
But Man, he rise, he shine, then
    he fall to rise nomore.

So, sing now,
    sing now of land, of sea, of sky,
    sing now of Me uphere!
    But for Man, just weep,
    just weep for him
    cause there no other thing,
    no other thing he do
    but earn,
    but earn his sunset death.

(I, God Uphere, Albert Wendt, 1976)

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  1. Klingt fast nach ATTAC – Urvater :-)