Tina Fey, Twain Prize winner

Aus der Washington Post:

“(…) she was a self-described comedy geek from age 5, when she remembers watching “Monty Python,” followed, eventually, by every comedy program (Carol Burnett, the Three Stooges, “Saturday Night Live”) her parents would let her watch. For an eighth-grade independent study project, she created a presentation about the history of American comedy (“My friend did communism; I did comedy”). A big thrill for her was going downtown to a comedy club to watch her older brother Peter compete in a Steve Martin impersonation contest.

She was not, she says, “terribly dark,” as male comics and humorists tend to be from adolescence. This is generally true of the other women she’s met and befriended in her career, she says, including SNL chums Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch. “The men are maybe … they like to challenge authority,” Fey says. “The women are all sort of good daughters and college graduates. I think in the small sampling of women I know, the act of doing comedy itself was the act of rebellion.””

(via Women & Hollywoods Gezwitscher)