Stuff Parisians Like. Endlich mal ein Weblog, das sofort sagt, was Sache ist:

„Stuff Parisians Like is a silly little thing.

This blog is written by Olivier Magny, founder and sommelier at Ô Chateau , host of American Wine Blog Award nominee Wine Rendez-Vous, and visiting sommelier at l’Hotel de Crillon. Olivier was born and raised in Paris. So were both of his parents. Which makes him exteremely Parisian.

This site is a mere clin d’oeil to priceless Stuff White People Like which is really hilarious.

The real point of this blog is to drive more traffic towards Ô Chateau Paris Wine Tasting.

Please buy wine tastings from us. They’re really great.


Liest sich trotzdem gut, obwohl ich überhaupt nicht beurteilen kann, ob das meiste davon überzogener Blödsinn ist.

Und noch ein Tpp: Bookshelf. Ein Blog über … genau. Via Nelly.