Fernsehkritiker Tim Goodman schreibt in seinem Blog über Aaron Sorkins neue Show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (ich erwähnte sowohl die Serie als auch das Drehbuch zur Pilotfolge bereits – los, lesen).

Sorkin says he’s changed the way he’s writing this show as compared to The West Wing – which should please NBC since his inability to delegate and need to write every word was one of the main reasons he was removed from The West Wing, since the delays in the writing ended up costing lots and lots of money.

There have been stories about an alleged “backlash” against Studio 60 but none of it makes much sense in the real world. The gist is that as one of the most talked about new series – probably because Sorkin was returning to network television – Studio 60 had a high profile ripe for speculation. So? Exactly. But an early script did pop up on the internet as did, allegedly, some clips, and people in the blogosphere – known as non-pro in Variety speak – started to log in. But look, I’ve seen this pilot already some time ago and it was exactly what you’d expect from Sorkin. Smart, fast-paced, a bit inside baseball and of the highest quality. The acting performances are solid and the writing is great. What’s not to like?“

Okay, wenn das im September in den USA anläuft, endet die Staffel im Mai, was bedeutet, dass ich noch bis … September 2007 bis zur DVD-Box warten muss. Gnarg.