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Alison Byrne Fields hatte als Teenager einen besonderen Brieffreund: John Hughes:

“I wrote back to John, explaining in no uncertain terms that, excuse me, I just poured my fucking heart out to you and YOU SENT ME A FORM LETTER.

That was just not going to fly.

He wrote back.

“This is not a form letter. The other one was. Sorry. Lots of requests. You know what I mean. I did sign it.”

(via Vinoromas Gezwitscher)

Das Wall Street Journal hat kurz mit Alison gesprochen:

“Did your interaction with him have an impact on your life?

Yes, I really do think so. Having an adult give you attention and encouragement who is not your mother or your father – who doesn’t have to do that for you – it gave me a level of confidence. Even with the presumptuousness of youth, I somehow thought it was okay to send a letter to the president of Paramount asking, ”Why hasn’t John Hughes written me back?”! I love the idea of adults responding and knowing “I should give attention to a kid.” It compelled me in my career. It makes me really care about listening to young people. It was about me as a kid having a voice, and I try to give kids a voice now.”